Recovery Coach

How do you obtain the skills and knowledge to allow yourself to become great at something? Many would agree that it would happen with the proper guidance and consistent practice. My goal as your Recovery Coach is to help you with identifying your strengths, practice your recovery skills and provide you judgment free support and guidance through your recovery journey. With my support and this positive and solution focused process you will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to decrease your chances for future relapse, in addition to enabling you to gain the ability to cope with future life challenges in positive ways.

As your Recover Coach I will provide you support through different stages of recovery, and when necessary I will work in collaboration with other professionals who are involved in your treatment. I will provide you a safe and judgment free zone, I will offer you encouragement, empathetic understanding and support, in addition to my experience, wisdom and accountability.

My goal is to help you implement the skills and knowledge that you have obtained while in treatment, and implement that knowledge and skills to your every day life beyond the treatment, to maintain your sobriety and increase your life satisfaction. You will gain the ability to identify potential triggers before they arise and how to cope with you triggers in a positive way. Together we will identify your goals, we will then develop and implement a tailored action plan that will allow you to achieve your desired goals and sober lifestyle.

The coaching schedule is tailored according to your specific needs and goals as a client. For example, some clients may only need few hours a week; others may need coaching every afternoon, in other cases clients need coaching support all day long, every day of the week. 

Several of my clients have expressed that they are not comfortable having a roommate, such as sober companion, and are not comfortable sharing their personal space with others. However, those same clients are well aware of the challenges and pitfalls related to attempting to navigate recovery journey on their own. Having someone there who you can trust and count on, who has you best interest in mind, and who is showing you the proper support through your recovery journey, will help you increase your confidence and help you become more secure, in turn increasing your chances for a successful recovery.

As your Recovery Coach I will help you develop and implement your personalized Life Action Plan that will be designed and adjusted accordingly to your daily needs, behaviors and choices.

This Action Plan identifies and taps in to your strengths, minimizes your weaknesses, and will help you to eliminate codependent and addictive behaviors. In addition to the Life Action Plan, through collaborative efforts we will develop a Recovery Coaching contract that best suits your needs. I believe that each individual is an expert of his or her own life and has the knowledge related to what works for him or her best in life.  

My goal a your Recovery Coach is to work with you to highlight, leverage and grow your own strengths as the basis for making a decision related to who do you ultimately want to be in this

world; how you show up, goals, what is needed, and what actions are most important to you.

As your recovery Coach I will hold you accountable to your own plan, while helping you to realize your dreams and goals in life that you have identified to be important to you.

Sober Coach

Recovery is a journey that lasts a lifetime. It is full of opportunities for self-discovery, growth and transformation. To manage your addiction you will have to implement variety of changes within yourself, in your environment and outlook. I can say this with confidence that the person you are in the beginning stages of your addiction treatment is entirely different from the person you become when you achieve long-term sobriety- trough your own ability to make that transformation happen. My goal is to assist you to identify and gravitate more consistently towards behaviors and choices that will bring you your desirable rewards. As your Sober Coach I will also hold you accountable for the consequences that result from poor choices and negative behaviors.

With my coaching you can expect to experience and witness positive improvement in your life as you begin to identify your short and long-term goals. As your recovery coach I am a skilled communicator who provides you with practical guidance in the one-on-one setting to help you with improving your own personal communication skills.  As you obtain new and effective communication skills you will be prepared and ready to take responsibility for the relationships in your life. As a result, your family, loved ones, friends and co-workers also become beneficiaries of Recovery Coaching.

As your Recovery or Sober Coach I do not act as your therapist. The focus of the coaching will not be on your past or related traumas and I will not be diagnosing or providing treatment for addiction or mental health issues. Rather, I will be focusing on your strengths, your objectives, dreams and the choices and actions that you take on daily basis. 

As your Coach I will provide you with my experience, guidance, skills that I have obtained through my own successful recovery to help define and support the steps that we define in your Life Actin Plan. The dynamic that we create between you as a client and me as your coach will enable you to make powerful changes that lead to successful recovery and sober day-to-day living. As your coach I will be asking you powerful and tough questions and thoroughly listen to your answers; helping to reflect back with clarity your own intentions for your self and your life.

The following are examples of the numerous ways I can assist you and your family member during recovery. I can:

  • Assist you with developing and initiating a recovery plan of action.

  • Aid in creating stability for you and your family in recovery from substance use or addiction.

  • Encourage success by alleviating obstacles to gain treatment and recovery.

  • Offer guidance and mentorship for people seeking, or already involved in a recovery program.

  • Help you to find materials for harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, and local or online support groups.

  • Exist as a role model for tangible and obtainable recovery behaviors.

  • Motivate through hope and vision, while also offering praise for positive behaviors.

  • Function as a champion for the person who is in recovery, both within and outside of the program.

  • Give advice and support on how to better accomplish day-to-day tasks.

  • Assist you towards finding basic necessities and necessary resources, including money.

  • Help the person seek out professional services from lawyers, doctors, psychologists, financial advisers and other local resources.

  • Provide peer support services.




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